Geological exploration planning

The project of geological study of subsurface is one of the mandatory permits for carrying out works on a subsurface area and is subject to approval by the state authorities. A well-designed project is the key to cost-effective geological and economic solutions and efficient use of subsoil.

Drilling engineering is adapted to the unique conditions and peculiarities of the area, including topography, drainage, permafrost, AHRP and other challenging geological conditions. Our experts will suggest the most appropriate design of prospecting and exploration wells based on the analysis and synthesis of geological and geophysical data available in the study area, including neighbouring areas and regional surveys; it will include a proper well logging methodology; open-hole and cased-hole tests of promising or productive formations (subject to subsurface user request and adjustment while drilling); core sampling, formation fluid withdrawal and their lab analysis, etc.

​The high level of the staff expertise will enable the optimum scope of work to be designed so that the most comprehensive and reliable data on the geological structure of the area can be obtained. Understanding the geological structure of the area will contribute to an unbiased assessment of the area potential, or to the further exploration of existing hydrocarbon deposits.


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