Scope of activity

From field to computer model.

CJSC MiMGO performs a full range of geological studies, investigating and modeling natural reservoir structures and their oil and gas bearing capacity, from supervising field seismic works, processing field seismic data and prompt well logging interpretation to developing detailed 3D geological and hydrodynamic models of natural reservoirs, allowing for further elaboration and presentation of the required design documents at the state regulatory authorities.

We are engaged in continuously creating and developing proprietary methods and technologies for processing and interpreting seismic and drilling data to enhance our research performance.

The methodology and technologies for integrated structural and lithological interpretation of drilling and seismic data (SLI) applied for research and production include the following methods and technologies:

These methods of structural and lithological interpretation of drilling and seismic data, backed up with our sophisticated equipment, enable us to offer our customers a full-cycle processing of exploration data.

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