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Dear colleagues,

Our company's history dates back to 2000. Originally, a small team provided seismic data processing and geological modeling for West- Siberian fields.

Today, the company has expanded to 14 subdivisions, each responsible for a specific activity area, providing a full scope of geological exploration, in particular seismic data processing and interpretation, core analysis, project documentation development and maintenance.

Initially we focused on the study of selected fields, however, our portfolio now includes both regional and area-based works. Over the past years we have significantly expanded our geographic reach covering Eastern Siberia, Ural-Volga region, Timan-Pechora and Sakhalin.

More than 15 academic papers for the degree of Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences have been prepared and successfully defended in the last 10 years at CJSC MiMGO, and several papers for the doctor's degree are being prepared. 15 inventions in seismic and drilling data processing and interpretation and 3D geological modeling have been patented (including 1 international patent).

CJSC MiMGO belongs to the FSBI "VNIGNI" research system, and the joint work of our experts with globally renowned scholars leads to the highest scientific level of the deliverables. The company develops in-house guidance manuals and task-solving algorithms.

We have already entered the international market, successfully developing our overseas activity, as well as continuing our close cooperation with Russian companies and universities.

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