Social Responsibility

CJSC MiMGO Employee Council regulates social and labour relations on behalf of all the company's employees by concluding a Collective Agreement with the administration every 3 years. The Collective Agreement stipulates the key lines of social responsibility.  

Our employees are financially rewarded on their anniversaries and upon retirement. The Company provides financial aid to employees upon birth of a child or loss of a family member, as well as healthcare services at one of the modern multidisciplinary medical centers. Additionally, interest-free loans are available to the company's employees. There is a well-stocked corporate canteen providing meals for the company's employees. 

The company management allocates funds for cultural, sport and recreation activities round the year. Employees enjoy the opportunity to use the gym, tennis and billiards rooms. CJSC MiMGO traditionally arranges corporate entertainment events on special occasions to keep team spirit up.


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