Well logging interpretation

CJSC MiMGO performs well log interpretation both as a real-time option, required for making prompt decisions on the selection of perforation intervals, and as a consolidated option, which involves a full range of geological and geophysical information on the field: geophysical studies of neighboring wells, production logging tests, lab core testing, development monitoring data, logging while drilling, hydrodynamic surveys, etc.

An extensive range of survey techniques allows us to address such challenging tasks, as identifying unconventional reservoirs (e.g., in Bazhenov and Abalak formations in Western Siberia); identifying tectonic screens that might affect the reservoir development; justifying fluid contacts of complex deposits; and more.

The accumulated expertise forms the basis of our proprietary processes.


Elaboration of well logging interpretation methods

An interpretation methodology is elaborated using multidimensional correlation analysis of core and well logging relations. Each field is developed according to its unique well logging interpretation method, covering a wide range of tasks.

CJSC MiMGO has expertise in developing its proprietary, unique methods for appraising thin-layer cross-sections, bringing a new level of sophistication to reservoir prospectivity evaluation.

A reservoir fluid model is one of the outputs of well logging interpretation, allowing fluid contacts location and the transition zones extension to be accurately defined. The sectional lithological detailing is an essential tool for facies and elastic modeling

Petro-elastic modeling

Petro-elastic modeling is based on a comprehensive elastic fields analysis of each deposit. The design uses the Biot-Gassmann, Voigt, Reuss, Brie, Wood and Xu-White models, etc.

The petro-elastic modeling tools allow a high-level evaluation of the seismic data elastic properties as well as forecasting the seismic response for various lithological and fluid volumes combinations.


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